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Our Mission

To promote and showcase our partners' products and services and help them achieve their professional objectives. To create a networking culture centered on “giving first” and “adding value” before focusing on ourselves. To provide our members unparalleled access to the people and resources they need to succeed.  

Who Are We?

TBMG provides a full spectrum of professional services, management consulting, and technology services to government and private clients. Through a growing team of highly qualified staff, consultants, and subject matter experts, we provide a full range of services from staff augmentation to strategy to end-to-end business solutions.  TBMG is a South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA)-certified small business (Certification Number 214050055) which holds the following certifications: African American Business Enterprise (AABE), Emerging Small Business Enterprise (ESBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE). 

Strategic Alliances

At TBMG, strategic alliances are central to our goal of helping clients cut through complexity to achieve sustainable competitive business advantage. Our strategic alliances compliment and extend our deep business and technology experience, and enhance our ability to help clients achieve breakthrough results.   

Our strategy combines addressing our clients' business needs and issues according to the terms of the contract with a careful assessment of potential or emerging needs in order to provide a thorough, thoughtful solution or system. Our strategic capabilities span the gamut of management consulting.

How We Operate


To lead a global networking movement that brings diverse human resources, to increase opportunities, wealth, wellness and jobs for people.

Government Relations

As an expert in government relations, TBMG is a powerful an effective advocate for clients navigating complex public policy issues.  We utilize strategy, skill, and experience to educate our clients about legislative and regulatory processes, and to shape favorable outcomes in high-stakes negotiations.  TBMG clients recognize our political knowledge as an invaluable advantage, which we maximize for their benefit.

Outreach & Strategic Partnerships

As the cornerstone of TBMG’s business, relationships are the core asset of our outreach and strategic partnerships practice. Our keen ability to strategically connect organizations and individuals yields relationships that are sustainable, and mutually beneficial, while creating winning solutions for clients and communities.  


Facility Services

  • General Construction
  • Facility maintenance
  • Janitorial
  • Ground maintenance
  • Wide-load escorts

Legal Services

  • Parole Consulting
  • Mediation
  • Process Server
  • Notary Services

Business Services

  • Market Research
  • Proposal Development
  • Advisory Board
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Administrative Support
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Strategic Planning/Needs Analysis 
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Project Management Training and Consulting 

Government Relations/Outreach

  • Business development
  • Lobbying

Sports Management/Sports Medicine

  • Certified Training

Core Values



TBMG is committed to maintaining an environment of trust, built upon honesty, ethical behavior, respect, and candor. We encourage this virtue in the TBMG workforce by fostering an open flow of communication on issues among all staff without fear of reprisal. Building trust through ethical conduct as individuals and as an organization is a necessary component of our success.



TBMG’s most powerful asset for achieving success is a multi-disciplinary team of diverse, competent people. Our approach to teamwork is based on a philosophy that each team member brings unique experience and important expertise to project issues. Recognition of and openness to that insight improves the likelihood of identifying and resolving challenges to our success. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters teamwork and processes that support equal opportunity, collaboration, continuous learning, and openness to innovation and new ideas.



To achieve the highest levels of success in all in all areas of service, TBMG is committed to nurturing an organizational culture in which individual make full use of their time, talent, and opportunities to pursue excellence in both the ordinary and the extraordinary.


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